May 2014 Updates

We’ve released a long-awaited set of changes today! Most of what’s been changed isn’t visible to the naked eye – instead it allowed us to implement some new features now, and going forward. Today we’re releasing: Email address field for user profiles. Currently this is only used to allow resetting your password, but we look forward to adding support for searching for users by email address, inviting users to projects by email address, customizable alerts, and more. You can now

February 2014 Updates

We’re releasing another set of updates today! We’ve added a “size” field to features, supporting size-based estimation. The most accurate estimate is always used: the “revised estimate” if progress has been made, or the “original estimate” from the tasks if tasks have been created, or an estimate based on size if neither of the first two are available. Watch for follow-up posts for further details. We’ve added a “display name” field to user profiles; if a display name is available,

Happy 2014!

Happy new year! We’re releasing a set of updates today that drastically improves the quality of completion date projections, particularly with unassigned work. With the new algorithm, unassigned features are assumed to be worked in order by highest value/hour, with each developer taking up the next top-priority feature when they finish one they’re working on, and with each developer starting with those features assigned to them. The old method was a more traditional calculation; the new method is a complete

Pragmatic Prioritization: The Rogue Prognosticator Approach

You’ll notice that Prognosticator doesn’t have a “priority” field on features – nor “severity” or “urgency” or any other synonyms. That doesn’t mean that you can’t prioritize features – in fact, you can prioritize far more accurately and honestly than you could with off-the-cuff decisions of which features are “major” and which are “critical”. Rogue Prognosticator includes a “Value” field on Features so that it can make an assessment of expected return on investment, in terms of value added per

Project Sharing, Assignment, and Estimated Completion Dates

I’d like to talk a little bit about a new feature we recently released: project sharing. Project sharing has been in the works for some time, and stands as the foundation of a trio of related features: sharing, assignment, and completion date estimation. Project sharing allows you to give access to any other registered user, if you know their username. You can grant read-only access (they can look, but not touch), write access (they can create and edit tasks and

December Updates Redux

We’ve released another batch of updates, this time primarily bug fixes, including a fix impacting newly registered users. We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes changes to improve stability and performance throughout. There are some small improvements, including a more useful home page, and an improved experience for new users that we hope will make it easier to get started using Prognosticator. Please let us know if you find any issues or have any suggestions!

December Updates

We’ve got a hefty list of new updates going live today: You can now share projects with other users! For each person you share a project with, you can decide if you want them to only be able to read (view) the project, read and write, or to grant full administrator rights. See the Project Sharing Help for more details. Once you’ve shared a project with someone, you can assign features and tasks to them. You’ll now see an estimated

Prognosticator Updates

We’re releasing a slew of new updates today: When viewing a filtered list of features, you’ll see two totals rows: one for the whole project, one for just those features shown with the current filters Many interface fixes and improvements throughout the site Interface fixes when viewing the site on small screens such as smart phones Updated the About page with better information Added links at the top of every page for News and Support Many other changes behind the

Rogue Prognosticator is Live!

Rogue Prognosticator is officially live in the wild! I’ve got everything deployed to Azure, but DNS hasn’t propogated yet; I’m hoping to have DNS done by the end of the day tomorrow. Once it’s all set, Prognosticator will be reachable at Continuous deployment is working smoothly from BitBucket into Azure, so updates should come quickly for everyone – as soon as a change is tested, it’ll be in production. A few notes about the site in its current state: